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Vidal Junction Field Trip – November 19, 2013

posted Dec 6, 2013, 4:47 PM by ShadowMountain Gem&MineralSociety


   This was a close to perfect day for collecting chalcedony at one of our frequently visited locations East of Milepost 19, on US Hwy 95, North of Vidal Junction.  No wind, moderate temps and slightly overcast skies kept the sun from shining directly in the drivers’ eyes.

     15 SMGMS members plus 2 guests, and 4 members from the Pasadena Lapidary Society made up our complement of 21 eager rockhounders traveling in seven 4 X 4 vehicles.  Although the trail was a bit rough from September rains, it was carefully and successfully navigated and led by Richard and Barbara Catlin.

     4 different areas were chosen for collecting chalcedony.  They all offered an abundance of material from the smallest desert roses to the larger pieces with characteristic streaks of iron and lighter material that could be used for slabbing and cabochon making.

    This was a very successful trip and one of our longer ventures.  From the T & A departure point on I-10 to the collecting area and back, the distance was measured to be exactly 251 miles, well worth the time and distance.

     Submitted by:  Mac Jones

Actually, there were 8 vehicles!