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Pebble Terrace/Bed Spring Hill/Opal Hill Mine Road, March

posted Apr 27, 2015, 12:35 PM by ShadowMountain Gem&MineralSociety

Pebble Terrace March 14, 2014

The trip started out with 15 people and 5 dogs in 6 four wheel drive vehicles.  We were afraid it might be too hot out there, but there was a light breeze which made it quite nice.

We spent 2 hours at the “Bed Springs “ area, and then things picked up when we moved to the fire agate area and started finding some nice Chalcedony with possible fire in it. While at this location we met some folks from the Borrego Springs Rock Club. They were taking the Opal Hill Mine Road to where they said was the source of the Chalcedony Roses.  So, some of us were anxious to follow them, plus find a shorter way back to the freeway. Well, we were too slow in following after them, and lost the road past the Opal Hill Mine. The road was quite rough, too, so 4 of the vehicles went home the way they came.  I (Fred Kalmar) was with Dave Kelley and Rosemary Stonick in my Hummer, and Al Granger in his Jeep with guests, Steve Meyers and Sam Hestrop, who all wanted to try again. We found the right road and found the other Club.  They were right!  The roses were plentiful, and I found some Chalcedony that had nice crystal cavities, almost like geodes. From this location, it was a breeze to get back to the freeway. The Wiley’s Well Road was in exceptional condition, having just been graded. We passed the little red Suzuki from the rest of our group going back on the freeway to our refreshment stop at Chiriaco

WHAT A DAY!!  A lot of fun!

Submitted by Fred Kalmar & Photos by Barbara Catlin