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Ocotillo Wells Field Trip 1-21-2014

posted Jan 22, 2014, 4:40 PM by ShadowMountain Gem&MineralSociety

       Twelve of us left the T/A in Coachella in 3 vehicles.  A short way down Hwy 86 South, Darlene radioed us to pull over; her Jeep was giving her trouble.  Darlene decided to park the Jeep and deal with it on the return trip. So now we had twelve people in TWO vehicles!  A little crowded, but still legal.

Everything went well for the rest of the way to the collecting sites.

      The State Park Service has now limited us to designated routes in the Eastern area of this Park.  We were able to stop in two locations and collect sufficient material without having to walk too many miles.  Thankfully the weather was beautiful so no one got overheated. 

      The Desert Lillies and other wildflowers were blooming, which was a lovely added benefit to our trip! 

      Now for the bad news!  We stopped at Darlene’s Jeep on the way home, only to discover that some not nice person or persons had stolen the battery and had taken some other items of value.  We all waited while Darlene telephoned for a tow truck.  Darlene and Marge assured us that the tow truck would arrive shortly, and that we should proceed without them, which we did.  It was an unhappy conclusion to an otherwise lovely trip!

      After we had been home for a while, we telephoned Darlene, and I am happy to report that she and Marge and the Jeep all arrived at the mechanic’s location, and home safely. 

Submitted by:

Barbara Catlin

Photo credit to Linda Layman.