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Field Trip Report: November 15, 2014

posted Dec 5, 2014, 11:31 AM by ShadowMountain Gem&MineralSociety

                       Field Trip Report:  November 15, 2014

   On our way to the Salton Sea, we were dismayed to discover that the fascinating Mud Pots were now posted with “NO TRESPASSING” signs.

It is my thought that the area now belongs to the owners of the energy generating plant that sits to the immediate north east.

Fifteen of us gathered 1,500 pieces of Pumice at the Red Hill Marina for our Educational Rock Sample Bags. 


Marge and Lynda immersed them all in water to be sure they would float. (Great Fun!) 


Some of us found some pretty good obsidian, and some larger pieces for yard rock.  Marge kept us well organized, so the Pumice gathering went quickly, which left us plenty of time to visit the Bertram Mine and collect Glauberites. 


  This year’s trip to the Bertram Mine produced the most fabulous Glauberites (Na2Ca(SO4)2) our Club has ever found! 


    Some of us never grow up—it is still so much fun to dig in the dirt!!

   Special thanks to all who sent photographs of this delightful trip:

Mary Kirmil, Marge Buxton, Clarcie Thornburg, Fred Kalmar.

Submitted by:

Barbara Catlin