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Chuckwalla Springs Nov.20,2012

posted Nov 23, 2012, 9:37 AM by ShadowMountain Gem&MineralSociety

Chuckwalla Springs

 First of all I would like to thank Fred for doing a good job on leading this trip. Everyone came back in one piece, but I have to back up and tell you what happened so it hopefully will not happen again.

The trip started out on time. The weather was beautiful. Everyone was in a great mood. The drive to Ford Dry Lake exit was nice. We met Paul who drove from Arizona, talked awhile, then headed into the off road area. It was evident there were heavy rains since we were there last. When we got further in some of the smaller roads were covered with sand but still passable. Fred did a good job in finding the right way to go. We got in further and found the road completely gone with a five to six foot wall of mud blocking our way. As we looked around we realized that was as far as we were going to get with our vehicles, so we decided to walk into the canyon, one of twenty, all going in and out of each other, very confusing. As usual we had a time set for everyone to meet back at the cars. Everyone went on there merry ways, but when it was time for everyone to meet back at the cars, we found out we were missing one person, Hubert!

This is where the story gets good, now remember, no rock hounds were injured and everyone did come home! Hubert was with a buddy, Fred walking together picking up rocks as usual, somehow in the blink of an eye they got separated. Hubert went one way and Fred the other. Hubert ended up missing for about two hours. First question, does he have a radio, answer no, second where was he seen last, third did he have water with him, don’t know, fourth what was he wearing. After finding out all of that, we started a search. Some stayed by the cars, others went two by two in all directions calling his name, climbing to the highest points to see if we could spot him, all with no results. Just as we were about to drive towards the exit, thinking he might have found the main road, and was waiting for us, we got a call from Lennie who was waiting back at the cars stating, someone had found him sitting on the side of the road about 3 to 4 miles away from where we were. They brought him back to us unhurt and happy to be back, only a little tired after walking the 3 to 4 miles. My question to him was, where is your radio, his answer, at home.

 I feel this was just a little wake up call. It is so important to carry a radio. Stay with a buddy at all times, when in that type of terrain. Carry water, have a noise making device with you, a whistle, a cowbell, a siren, anything that will make a sound that will travel. The bottom line is, do not leave these items in your vehicle or at home! They will not help you on the trail that way. The club has only a few radios to pass out so if you can buy one please do. I also found out if you have a cell phone on you, even if you are in a no service area, you can be tracked by the phone company letting searchers know where you are, so leave them turned on.

 This trip ended well at the Tasty Freeze, as usual, but it could have been a very very bad day. Glad you were ok Hubert!!!!!!!!!