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Black Jack Mine, March 10, 2012

posted Mar 12, 2012, 10:36 AM by ShadowMountain Gem&MineralSociety

What a good group, what a fine day. Off to the Black Jack Mine in the Bristol Mountains with two short stops along the way.

First stop was in the middle of Bristol Lake at the National Chloride works. Who produces some 20,000 tons of CaCI2 and sells it to the Hill Brothers Chemical Company. This is Calcium Chloride (salt) for road deicing and other industrial uses. 

Second stop, Amboy Crater and the pit-stop parking lot. Then a turn north on Kelbaker Road for a short drive before going west on the desert dirt track to the Black Jack Mine.

We dug through the dumps and tailings for that colorful purple stuff they call Dumortierite, grape-jelly in rock form. Here you see my best find.